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Redgates Toy Shop Cushion: Sheffield Nostalgic Design, 100% Cotton Canvas


Add a piece of Sheffield’s history to your home with our Redgates Toy Shop Cushion, made from 100% cotton canvas. Perfect for a cozy, nostalgic touch.

The Sheffield Guide Exclusive Product


Relive the Joy of Sheffield’s Iconic Redgates Toy Shop with this 100% natural cushion!

Introducing our “Redgates Toy Shop Cushion,” a perfect addition to any home seeking a touch of Sheffield’s nostalgia. This cushion isn’t just a comfy accessory; it’s a tribute to the beloved Redgates Toy Shop, a cherished memory for many in Sheffield.

Premium Craftsmanship and Local Pride

At 40cm x 40cm and crafted from 100% unbleached cotton canvas, this cushion represents both quality and sustainability. The material, with a substantial weight of 305 gsm, offers both durability and a soft, natural feel. Proudly sewn and printed in the UK, it’s a testament to local craftsmanship and quality.

Classic Design Meets Modern Comfort

The cushion features the classic Redgates logo, including the iconic red five-bar gate, set against a tasteful design that’s perfect for any room. The repeating diagonal pattern is reminiscent of the toy shop’s popular bags, something every excited child grasped to hurriedly carry their new purchase home in! The self-colour concealed zip ensures a seamless look, keeping the focus on the nostalgic design.

A Cozy Homage to Sheffield’s Heritage

Whether you’re curling up on the sofa or adding a touch of charm to your bedroom, the Redgates Toy Shop Cushion brings comfort and a piece of Sheffield’s history into your space. It’s more than just a cushion; it’s a conversation starter, a nostalgic piece that connects you to the joyful days of Redgates Toy Shop.

Material: 100% unbleached cotton canvas.

  • Self-colour concealed zip.
  • Sewn and printed in the UK.

Weight: 305 gsm

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40 x 40 cm




The Sheffield Guide

The Sheffield Guide Exclusive Product


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