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Sheffield Zombie Experience

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Sheffield Zombie Experience: Could You Survive The Apocalypse?

We might have recently experienced a worldwide pandemic and lockdown, but how do you think you would fare in a real zombie apocalypse?

Before social distancing was even thought about, The Sheffield Guide visited the Zombie Experience to find out…

Sheffield Zombie Experience

A unique attraction, Sheffield Zombie Experience offers people the chance to fight through a terrifying zombie apocalypse situation.

Our event took place at the old Stanley Tools factory on Rutland Road, near Kelham Island. Other local sites with similar experiences include Magna Science Adventure Centre.

Derelict and run down, the former tools manufacturing site is the perfect stand-in for an apocalypse situation. Walking around this historical location fully immerses you into the role of a survivor.

Safety first!

Following a short briefing with safety instructions, ‘survivors’ are given an airsoft gun and a series of tasks to complete in separate teams.

Teams are then sent to fend for themselves in the giant, maze-like abandoned factory.

Before long, dozens of the undead are tracking you down; get attacked and you are out of the game until the remainder of your team can get to you and ‘revive’ you.

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Terrifyingly, you must search zombies for the pieces that you need to complete your tasks, or for supplies. Ammo is scarce throughout the game and must be used sparingly.

Evolving gameplay

Additionally, other items you may need for your task may be on the move, so the game is ever-evolving.

Special ‘army’ and ‘police’ units moderate the game throughout (as well as ensuring safety). But don’t expect them to help you survive the oncoming zombie onslaught!

Scary pitch-black experiences

With plenty of pitch black spaces and a vast old factory site to explore, as well as dozens of zombie actors throughout, the Sheffield Zombie Experience can be a scary afternoon/evening out.

It certainly isn’t for the feint hearted.

Real-life survival horror game

If you’ve ever wondered what a real-life game of Resident Evil, Silent Hill or The Last of Us would be like, this is it!

Dare you survive the Sheffield Zombie Apocalypse?

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