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Sheffield City Centre Video Tour with Gimbal Walk TV

Neil Hargreaves is a filmmaker who creates lovely niche uninterrupted videos documenting places all around the world for YouTube channels like Gimbal Walk TV. In this guest blog and video, he takes us — and any potential visitors — on a tour of Sheffield City Centre. Over to Neil…

Tour of Sheffield City Centre video

I filmed this walk through Sheffield City Centre this month for the Gimbal Walk TV YouTube Channel which is a channel showcasing life in cities, towns and villages all over the world.

The idea is to show viewers from all over the planet around the city where I was born and grew up, to show them what life is like in Sheffield, what changes are taking place, and hopefully inspiring people to visit and spend time in the city.

It’s definitely the case that familiarity can breed contempt or that people lose sight of how great their home city is, or what it has to offer someone from outside of the city, so I’m hoping that as well as showing those from outside the city what it’s like here, I can also hopefully show Sheffielders who might not have been there in a while what the city centre is like today.

West Street to Barkers Pool

On the walk we start up on West Street and Devonshire Green before heading down to Barkers Pool where we take a look at the recently lost John Lewis department store.

Another topical change is right next door too with the famous Chubby’s takeaway featuring, showing the building and the shop (shop front and inside!) for the last time before it’s gone forever.

So much change is happening down Cambridge Street it really is the most exciting time I can remember with regards to improvements to the city centre and I just can’t wait to see the food halls and small local independent businesses spring up and thrive there.

A changing Sheffield City Centre

The City Centre in my opinion is going through the biggest change I can remember since I was born with so much happening and that can be seen in the video, particularly around the PInstone Street area where some ambitious and really tall buildings are going up!

We show off the city’s theatre district with the three theatres sat together in Tudor Square just down from the Winter Gardens, before taking a wander up the famous Chapel Walk which is now without the scaffolding that’s been there for the last few years!

it’s an extensive look at the city centre and I make no apologies for this as wanted to also show off the new look Fitzalan Square, the developments around the Castle Market area and the Castlegate improvements which are fantastic.

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Sheffield has so much to offer and shout about

But I save the best till last as I wander round the canal basin and Victoria Quays and make the point that Sheffield people just don’t go down there, and I can’t understand why because as you can see in the video it’s fantastic and has so much to offer.

I really hope to pull people to Sheffield from all over the country and have already had messages and comments on the video from people saying they are going to do exactly that Sheffield is fine city.

The City Centre has so much to offer from the shopping to the entertainments and theatres and nightlife.

I wish more people (like The Sheffield Guide do) stand up and speak up for Sheffield and the City Centre. It’s most definitely worth shouting about as visitors from outside the city will tell you.

Follow Neil’s Sheffield Projects through his Sheffield Videos YouTube channel, where you can see more similar walks in various areas of the city, and the brilliant Sheffield History website.

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Neil Hargreaves
Written By

Born and raised in Sheffield, the Steel City is runs through Neil's veins. After working in the music industry for the 10 years, Neil has now moved into a more media based role, making short films and videos as well as documentaries (many based around the music industry he loves, as well as travel and music videos and films about the City Of Sheffield). You can regularly find him on his forums Sheffield History.

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